Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lesson 12 - April 9 2017

Lesson 12

I haven't gone through the entire manual to see what's ahead, so in teaching the lessons, I used the story of the crickets and the seagulls from memory to talk about how animals help us.  Oops.  It's supposed to be for Lesson 13.

Videos used:

12a:  Creation Images

The Christus

Creation - Living Creatures

The Garden of Eden

The Lost Lamb

Adam And Eve

Animals Search String

12b - Animals Working & Helping


Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem


The Trek West

The Miracle of The Gulls

13c - Noah And The Flood

Noah And The Ark With Animals

Activity for the kids:  they took a turn on my iPad in trying to match an animal with it's home from Peep And The Big Wide World app.

House Hunt

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